Questions and answers

  • What makes this leadership training unique?

    I´ve been there. For 20 years (1997-2016) I was a leader in media, living through a lot of ups and downs. I worked strategically (also in half a dozen boards) and operationally. I learned a lot about people and groups, and when training others I completely understand the hands on-reality where you spend your time.


    Existential philosophy. Do you have enough time to reflect on and explore what is truly important to you and your work? Probably not. I create safe spaces for you and your team for philosophical inquiry. The world is changing rapidly, the human beings still face the same questions as always, beginning whit that about meaning. The existential approach leads directly to the underlying motives for why we work, and work together, and from there we go to the questions how, when, who?


    Total presence. In existential philosophy it’s called phenomenology, in yoga we work through briefing, then there is meditation – I have years of experience of all these variations of mindfulness. I never work at an assembly line when I meet you. Everything I do is grounded in total presence and aimed at finding and sharing the thoughts and tools that helps you the most. Then, of course, it’s up to you to choose and do the work yourself.


    Enjoy. Coaching and training is not about me, it’s all about you. But since I represent a holistic worldview it’s only fair that you know that life has given me tough lessons on living with losses and setbacks. Don’t mistake me for a Buddhist nun when I say that I have learned to enjoy playing with the cards I get instead of longing for something else. Together we find out what cards you have at hand, and how to enjoy playing with them.

  • What is existential coaching?

    The coaching methods in my training follow the ethics and competencies of the International Coaching Organization ( My specialty is an existential approach, which means working with certain themes as living with uncertainty, the balance between freedom and determinism, being in time, and the worldview. All these motivate you in your working life.

  • How much does it cost?

    If both parts after an initial discussion find that there is potential for cooperation we will discuss the fees. My coaching and training is not for everyone, but it seldom is a question of money. It’s about your why?

  • How long time does it take?

    There is no rule - it depends on what you want to achieve and how you like to work.


    If you represent a company, we will make an agreement about a program for the team and the individuals, and then stick to that.


    I you are an individual client, we agree on the price per hour, and find a time for the first session.
    After that it´s up to you to decide how often we meet, and when to end the process.

  • Do we have to meet in person?

    All coaching and leadership training can be done online. Some training in teams requires that we are in the same physical space for some hours.

  • What about GDPR?

    The only register that is held in All Those Perspectives is the accounting system, where information needed for the billing is saved. Since this is a one woman company all other information needed for the working process is saved on paper, and destroyed after the cooperation has ended. Professional secrecy covers everything that is said, written and done during the sessions and programs.