Teams in companies

The participants work both individually and in groups. The program begins with the analysis Narrative Big Five, which is first reviewed with each individual and then in the group – the understanding that people are different is deepened. That insight is also carried into the communication training – different persons absorb messages in different ways. Despite the differences, it is possible to create consensus about the group's goals and rules of the game, which is one result of the program.


  • Before the first course day every participant fills in the questions in Narrative Big Five and during an hour go through the results of the analysis.

  • During the first course day we look at what the results mean for working together in this particular team and start working on how communication should develop between the participants.

  • Between the course days there are individual coaching sessions.

  • Together and individually we work on what is most needed in the group, at least how to use the differences between people in a good way, communication and reaching goals.