Individual coaching

Sometimes the reason is obvious: a promotion, a new job, looking for a new job. Sometimes the reason is more subtle: working life might need a change, but how?


Coaching is an efficient tool to clear the mind and decide what direction to choose. It’s a process of thinking freely, reflecting in peace, dressing fears and dreams in words, getting support. And when the time is right, move forward.


The structure of the process is to be decided upon from client to client. Usually


  • the exploration of behavior at work starts with the analysis Narrative Big Five.

  •  there are 4 to 6 sessions during 3-4 months.

  • a session is 2 hours and can be held online.

  • the client brings the questions to be addressed and is free to choose new paths at any time during the process.


The coaching model relies on both a very practical attitude, grounded in a reality of leadership during more than 20 years, and on existential philosophy and psychology, after studies in existential coaching. Every client is trained according to his or her individual needs and abilities – there is not one model for everybody.


Although focus is on working life, the approach is genuinely holistic: beside rationality we are driven by feelings also at work.