Rediscover the leader in you

Every boss needs a fresh start sometimes:

  • Update your own ability.

  • Explore how people in the company or organization work.

  • Get better at the most important work tool – communication. 

  • Get new perspectives on the meaning of work, via existential philosophy and psychology.


The team or client get a tailormade program, but the process goes like this:


1.    How do I lead? How do we as a team lead? The analysis starts from the results in Narrative Big Five.

2.    What do I/we want to accomplish?

3.    How can I/we reach the goals?

4.    Action, as in testing new ways to lead.

5.    Evaluation and testing again.

6.    A plan for me/us for an agreed time.


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This leadership-training includes short lectures, dialog, reflection, reading, writing and testing of new ways to work. It offers the participants chances to dig a bit deeper into motivation through a holistic analysis of human beings – the. brain is important, but so is the heart.


The training is not promising simple answers or quick fixes. But if you have lead others during at least a couple of years, feeling rather secure and motivated, and are looking for a profound process to make better results, then you are at the right track here.


After the program you have new insights, new tools and a solid focus. As a leader you will probably be calmer, more patient, keen on listening, authentic and curious when you ask questions. You will enjoy leadership more – imagine what that will mean for the motivation of your coworkers!