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My services include different corporate coaching activities that I provide from my Helsinki office. I specialize in existential coaching, which I also apply in my leadership coaching. I conduct workshops and offer educational planning. I conduct coaching all over Finland and abroad.

Leadership Development

"He who has the question is the boss" - yes that's how it really goes. A boss who gives answers too easily does not build a solid foundation for himself or his colleagues to grow in their work roles.

The ability to lead with both open and conscious guiding questions needs to be practiced. The same goes for genuine listening, providing space and understanding others.

Phenomenological way of working, rooted in existential philosophy, is a good tool. Theory sections provide classic and modern models of meaningful leadership and participants immediately take them to workplace's everyday situations.

Lectures, workshops and leadership programs.

Individually or in groups.

Client Feedback:

"Barbro has been involved in a development program that was produced by Palmu/Solita and intended for their clients. The listed company has a leadership development program that involves hundreds of managers from all over the organization. Barbro has played a key role in coaching several teams during 2019. From Palmu's point of view, the cooperation has been excellent. Barbro is a strong leadership professional and a skilled coach as well as extremely flexible and dedicated in her work. The most important measure of success, however, is the direct gratitude from individual leaders that has poured at Barbro during the program." 

– Petri Aaltonen, Business Lead, Partner, Solita


An interactive, coaching approach. Alongside theory, discussions and exercises will give participants a direct experience of the day's topic.

Different perspectives on leadership with a red thread of existential understanding of the importance of leading oneself and others. The theme can be a current topic in the workplace, such as organizational change, or a specific topic such as personal branding and machine intelligence. Most work community problems can be viewed philosophically - new perspectives bring new insights.

The workshop is partially both a training unit for about 2 to 4 hours and it´s used for full day coaching.

The group size can vary from 5 to 50 participants.

Client Feedback

"I have had the pleasure of hiring Barbro on the Management Academy alumni courses. I have ordered four of her workshops. During this education, she has acted as a coach on a variety of leadership topics. The alumni have appreciated Barbro's interactive ways of conducting her workshops and the way she shares his skills and experience. They felt that Barbro was listening and giving feedback to everyone. Throughout the workshops, there has always been intense discussion and alumni have found that they have been given new inspiration, a better understanding of themselves, and tools to develop themselves as leaders." 

– Nora Ridgewell, Executive Director, Ledarskapsakademin

Existential Coaching

Existential coaching differs from therapy and other forms of coaching because its based on philosophy. What it is to be a human being is a question that philosophers have been thinking about over time. From time to time, most people wonder what it means to be "me" and what is the purpose of this unique and unique experience?

Individuals and couples alike are welcome to my office for existential coaching in Punavuori, Helsinki. It is also possible to organize sessions in other locations as well. If physical presence causes you difficulties, appointments can also be made remotely.

The working method is based on a dialogue loosely based on philosophies of different philosophers. The starting point of the process is the current situation of a person or a group, which is revealed through analyzing the living world. Conversation then moves on to all levels - an understanding of how our own existence links with other people and the world around us as we reflect on worldviews, existences and, for example, Martin Heidegger's notion that man has been "thrown" into this world.

The coach listens, asks and offers essential philosophical perspectives. Sören Kierkegaard, who influenced the 19th century, is considered to be the father of modern existentialism. He was followed by Friedrich Nietzsche, Edmund Husserl, Martin Buber, Karl Jaspers, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hanna Arendt and Simon DeBeauvoir. Today, many psychologists, such as Rollo May, Emmy Van Deurzen, Ernesto Spinelli and Bo Jacobsen all utilize the existential perspective.

Price: 115 euros (including VAT) per session (75 minutes).

Client Feedback:

"Baba has a professional ability to expose people in a positive way. With existential coaching techniques, I went deep inside myself to see the light. In addition to material and old habits, there is so much positive in life. I've got a sharper focus, more energy and a deeper awareness of what is essential. We only live once, so we should enjoy every day. Humble thanks for the coaching."

– Timo Ketonen, Entrepreneur and a Sailor

Education Planning

From full day courses to multi-day conferences and training programs in Finland and abroad.

The group size ranges from a handful (for example, members of a management team) to a few hundred participants (for example, middle management in large companies).

The theme can be specialized or broad, including working methods that comprise at least of lectures, clinics, workshops and study visits.

Also planning evening programs to support the coaching.

Responsibility for the whole event or parts, such as budgeting, lecturer setup and booking (including briefing), optimum room selection and reservations, information and marketing materials, communication with attendees, on-site facilitation.

Client Feedback:

"Barbro Teir's approach is customer-oriented, open-minded and innovative. She listens closely to the coaching providers' starting points and strategic goals as well as the needs of the clients to be coached. Barbro reconciles interests and dares to prune, develop and challenge."

– Ida Sulin, Director, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities