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After a 35 year career period in media and publishing industry, of which I´ve spent 20 years in a leadership position, it was time to stop thinking: Wast it time to look for a new job in the industry or do something else? 

I thought I could have many years of professional life, if I stayed healthy. I remembered what once made me study sociology. I viewed myself as a leader - when I've enjoyed the most, when I have had good feedback about my work? How can I contribute in the years to come? 

For weeks, I allowed myself to immerse myself in the depths of the internet. I studied websites and I was intrigued by the Degree Program in Existential Philosophy in Stockholm - that education laid the foundation for my current coaching philosophy..

In January 2018, after graduating as Finland's first Certified Existential Philosophy Coach, I had set up a new company and acquired a studio in Punavuori, Helsinki. Then, I´ve held a number of coaching sessions and workshops for both individuals, couples and for work groups. I have also provided business and leadership consulting.. 

As my client, you have all of my experience available to you: I have been in a leading position for many years, and experienced successes and adversities. I have been involved in building and re-building organizations. I have learned to deal with changes in both proactively than reactively and helped colleagues to grow and develop, while setting boundaries. In addition, I offer insights that have enriched my private life, filled with both joy and sorrow, if it is useful for the process. 

I offer a perspective inspired by existential philosophers' thought patterns. A holistic human concept that does not distinguish between work and the rest of life. Finding meaning in one's life. 

What initially seemed to be a leap into the unknown now seems like a natural continuation of my life. For my intuitive view of existence, existential philosophy created an intellectual framework. Dialogues with others have led to new clients and philosophers. New views lead to new questions. The direction and goals change, the growth is continuous.

  • Sertifioitu eksistentiaalinen valmentaja (2018) tukholmalaisen EXI:n (Institutet för existentiella samtal) kurssisuunnitelman mukaisesti. Konsultoi johtamisprojekteissa ja koulutuksen järjestämisessä työpaikoilla. Vapaa yrittäjä.

  • Toimitusjohtaja ja vastaava päätoimittaja, KSF Media (2014–2016).

  • Toimitusjohtaja, kustannusosakeyhtiö Schildts & Söderströms (2012–2014).

  • Toimitusjohtaja, kustannusosakeyhtiö Söderströms (2008–2012).

  • Toimittaja, toimituspäällikkö, päätoimittaja Hufvudstadsbladet-sanomalehdessä (1983–2006) ja Hbl:n viikkomakasiini Volt:in päätoimittaja (2006–2008).·Valtiotieteen maisteri (sosiologia), Helsingin yliopisto (1990).

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