About me

There is a fascinating dance between theory and practice in leadership. To lead yourself and others you need both. To be more than a manager you have to choose what you believe in and live it with integrity. When the conditions change, you have to make a new choice. Over and over again.


Your leadership style is a part of the person you are. Some things can be developed, behaviour can always be corrected, many things are a part of your personality and therefore the natural way for you to act. These are things we look at (the Narrative Big Five-analysis) first and come back to during the process.


Then we have your leadership skills. The more tools you can choose between, the better possibilities you have to find ways to lead yourself and individuals in your team. All achievements are born in relations between people. That is where the leader makes the magic.


This is how I see leadership.


I worked for 35 years in media in Helsinki, starting as a journalist and finishing as a CEO for a media group. I worked in half a dozen boards. During my 20 years as a leader in different positions I attended leadership courses alone or together with my colleagues almost every year.


Taking a new path in 2016 I studied to an existential coach in Stockholm, Sweden, and started building my own business. Thanks to international studies I got an ICF-certificate. I dance between many years of practice and a constantly growing amount of theory. It’s fun. It’s co-creative, it’s co-leadership that makes a difference.


Looking forward to meeting you.

Education and work history

Certified ACC-coach (2021), International Coaching Federation.


Certified existential coach (2018) after studying in Stockholm according to the syllabus established by Existentiellt Forum.


CEO and Editor-in-Chief for KSF Media (2014-2016).


CEO for the publishing house Schildts & Söderströms (2012-2014).


CEO for the publishing house Söderströms (2008-2012).

Reporter, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief at Hufvudstadsbladet (1983-2006) and
Editor-in-Chief for the weekly magazine Volt (2006-2008).


Master of Social Sciences (sociology), University of Helsinki (1990).


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Barbro Teir worked with the expanded management team during the merger between the two vocational institutes Prakticum and Inveon in Finland. For me as the CEO, Barbro’s input was crucial for us to succeed so well in the implementation of the organizational change. Barbro works with commitment and coaching and requires all participants to take part wholeheartedly. Personally, I got a lot of help in how to deal with mass media.
I learned how journalists work and got skills for meeting them, which I have had concrete. use of.



Laila Andersson, CEO and principal