Why do you lead?

Leading by listening

Leading by questioning

Leading with hope


Coaching for managers and teams

Coaching for officials and politicians

Individual coaching in leadership

Leadership training

Looking for new perspectives on your leadership, for tools you don’t use every day? For example: Can you coach your colleagues only by listening and asking questions? You should, because the one who has the questions, is the boss.


I’m Barbro Teir, and I help you create trust and hope around you at the workplace.

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Ideas of your style at work

Narrative Big Five is an analysis of how it is natural for a person to act in different situations. All results are individual, nothing is in itself better or worse but can give thoughts about which forms of work tasks are most rewarding for a person.

Barbro Teir is certified to carry out and interpret the analysis, which is included in training according to agreement.

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Thanks a lot, Barbro! Your work with me was great; you are a warm and supportive coach, you pushed me forward and – a wonderful thing – you followed up on me all the time. You gave me a lot of encouragement and concrete help you find my new path.



 Sari Saari - client in career coaching


Barbro Teir has worked as a coach for the management team in the city of Jakobstad, Finland. She uses her own experiences and gives a very trustworthy impression. As a person she is sympathetic and approachable. It’s a privilege to take part in her training, and it’s easy to follow her captivating teaching in leadership and communication.



Anne Ekstrand - city director


Barbro has been involved in a development program that was produced by Solita and intended for their clients. The listed company has a leadership development program that involves hundreds of managers from all over the organization. Barbro has played a key role in coaching several teams. From our point of view, the cooperation has been excellent. Barbro is a strong leadership professional and a skilled coach as well as extremely flexible and dedicated in her work. The most important measure of success, however, is the direct gratitude from individual leaders that has poured at Barbro during the program.



Petri Aaltonen - Business Lead, Partner, Solita


Barbro has a professional ability to expose people in a positive way. With existential coaching techniques, I went deep inside myself to see the light. In addition to material and old habits, there is so much positive in life. I've got a sharper focus, more energy, and a deeper awareness of what is essential. We only live once, so we should enjoy every day. Humble thanks for the coaching.



Timo Ketonen, Entrepreneur and a Sailor