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Meaningfulness, Purpose, Mission - There are many words that reflect one's inner motivation. But how do you find your zeal at work or in life in general? 

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I combine my experience of demanding leadership roles in existential coaching and use both classical leadership models and the latest trends in my work. 

The coaching starts from clients´everyday situations, which immediately connects theories with concrete reality. When inspiration strikes, you can go a little deeper - alone or in a group.

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  • 19/07/2019 - Barbro Teir 0 Comments
    The meaning of work

    Only 24 more days left to the retirement!

    They will propably try to get rid of me next year, then I can make a really good deal!

    Eastern is coming soon, then it's only two months until my summer vacation - oh dear, am I counting the days!

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  • 18/07/2019 - Barbro Teir 0 Comments
    Once upon a time there was a CEO

    Once upon a time there was a CEO, who executed everything like nothing had happened. You could hardly see that his wife was seriously ill, that the company was in a financial crisis, and that the staff was running hard, but unfortunately in many different directions.

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  • 06/06/2019 - Barbro Teir 0 Comments
    The ultimate existential

    He woke up, looked at us one at a time, his gaze was steady but empty. Maybe he wasn't awake anyway, maybe he was in another sphere.

    Then he closed his eyes and continued to breathe deeply, rattling a bit. Heavy as if he were working hard. A while later, the breath became quieter, shorter. His flat chest moved less and less. Something was different after the last days, weeks, months, actually years' cramped grip on life. The fight against the disease, the refusal to let go, the hardness - breath by breath they ran out of him. He went so easily, so calmly. 

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