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Every boss needs a fresh start sometimes: Update the image of your own ability. Explore how the people in the company or organization work. Get better at the most important work tool – communication. Get new perspectives on the meaning of work, via existential philosophy and psychology.

Work with coach Barbro Teir when you and your team want to try new ways to develop your leadership.

When problems pile up

Barbro Teir's book is the story of Gunn who has problems both privately and professionally. Her boss urges her to go to existential coach Alex. During ten sessions, Gunn encounters questions, theories, memories, experiences, thoughts. It begins to seem as if the questions are more important – and often more lasting – than the answers.

The book provides insights into existential ways of thinking. It is included in all educations, but can also be bought in bookstores and online stores. Will be published in English 2021.

Know yourself

Narrative Big Five is an analysis of how it is natural for a person to act in different situations. All results are individual, nothing is in itself better or worse but can give thoughts about which form of work tasks are most rewarding for a person.

Barbro Teir is certified to carry out and interpret the analysis, which is included in training according to agreement.

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